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Stage Maker Hoist

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    The STAGEMAKER® COMPACT is designed for handling stage and theatre equipment, ensuring safe and precise positioning of speakers, lighting systems, stage sets, sceneries, etc.

The STAGEMAKER® COMPACT electric hoists implements CE-certification chain and comply with the American CSA standard. The STAGEMAKER® COMPACT features and options, its compact design and on-going adaptability (R&D, close corporation with the entertainment industry) makes this system the best choice for your stage productions.


+ Class F lifting motor
+ Enhanced safety by load limiter
+ Electromagnetic disk brake
+ Compact dimensions
+ Hoist housing made of injection-cast aluminum
+ Black lifting chain
+ Load wheel with 5 pockets
+ Mat black painted (RAL 7021)
+ Ergonomic handgrip for easy transportation
+ Upright and inverted use in standard configuration and in industrial position by simply shifting chain bucket (SM5 and SM10)
+ High-capacity chain bucket
+ Cyber Hoist model avilable , Control by using computer programable.

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