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Ex Electric Wirerope Hoist

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We are the leader and strongest in the world for manufacturer of explosion-proof and spark proof. We have designed a range of explosion-proof hoists and components with a close awareness of risk in Hazardous Area.


Our Explosion - proof products are according to ATEX 100a (94/09/CE applicable in 2003) and CE Regulations ( CE Marking,Documentation,CE Certified approval) provide the maximum safety in all application with resonable price.

Basis on the Eurobloc VT and Eurochain VL the EX version (ATEX certified) offer explosion protection according to EEx de IIB T4 degree (ENDIN) as standard : Two-speed pole-change hoisting motors with thermistors (motor according to EEx IIB or IIC).
- EX Hoist upper and lower limit switches.

- EX electro-mechanical overload protector.

- Electric cubicle and cable plug according to EExd IIB or IIC.

- Motor protection IP55 according to EN 60 529.

Push button box according to EExd IIb or IIC with an emergency "stop" button.

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