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    The most accuracy and reliability functional cranes designed for a special application for lift the high valued turbine for power plant. With over 70 Features including in the system, variable speed in hoisting traversing and long traveling direction , insulation class H motor , protection IP66 and other features on the open winces ensure the most consistency in lifting application.

  • เครนสำหรับโรงไฟฟ้าพลังน้ำ


    Cranes for Hydro-Power Plant application which required the lifting height more than 30 meters to under-ground floor for lift the Turbine. Our Crane can guarantee the very smooth motion and continuos lifting along 30 meter lifting path. Thanks to the very compact dimension of hoist , our crane occupy very less space compare to other brand in the market result to the optimum working area for cranes in the limited space in turbine hall building

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    Our Tandem operation cranes are operated on the most modern technology which is different from the general tandem cranes available in the market. With the special design control system , Two motor on master crane and slave crane will always synchronized to ensure the hook position at same level even on the un-semetry balance load.

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    Explosion Proof Cranes is one of Eurocrane's Highlight products. We provide complete range of Explosion Proof Cranes and Components for application in Hazardous Area Zone 1 & 2 'EEx de IIB T4' as a most common classification and available also in other group as classified. All components are delivered with ATEX Certification. Our strong experience in Explosion proof crane guarantee the most reliable on Eurocrane's products.

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    Thanks to the advantage of the most modern design and technology in the world. Our Single Girder E.O.T cranes are perfectly suitable for all application. We provide the durable , low maintenance cranes and thank to the best dimension of our cranes which benefit to the widest working area compare to others cranes in the market.

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    Double Girder E.O.T Crane is a popular design for all application for crane capacity more than 10 tons or span more than 20 meters.Eurocrane's design provide the most optimum structure dimension with strength and durability. Thanks to the Most modern design of crane components. Eurocrane's Crane is the best solution for your application.

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    Our Gantry cranes provide the most durability and best protection required for outdoor application. The design of gantry crane structure are computed to ensure the optimum strength and best load distribution. we designed one side flexible hinge leg to preserve the alignment of crane wheels from the effect of girder's deflection

  • เครนสนามขาเดี่ยว


    We recommend Semi Gantry Cranes as another solution to optimize the working area. Semi Gantry Cranes will cover the working area which are not full of building span or the area that one side structure are designed or existing. Added advantage of Eurocrane's most compact design on both components and structure , our Semi Gantry Crane is the most optimize solution.


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